In The Air

A short review of the In The Air exhibition at the Wellcome Collection in London

I only had a few minutes to look around the In The Air exhibition at the Wellcome Collection in London, but I was impressed by how political it was. It was willing to look at air pollution in a political context; it included examples of the Hazards Bulletin published by the British Society for Social Responsibility in Science in the 1980s, and the BSSRS’ critical journal Science for People. There was even a pamphlet about the technology of political control that I remember owning. What blew me away however was the video produced by Forensic Architecture, that shows in detail how air pollution, produced by reckless and criminal despoiling of our forests and clean air, creates health threats across whole regions that transcend national borders. The shocking news about the murder of environmental activist Bruno Pereira and journalist Dom Phillips reminds us just how sharp and important the conflict around the earth’s resources is.

In The Air is on until the 16th October 2022.

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